Anti-Scam Guide

How to Avoid Investment Scams When Choosing a Forex Service

We want to put it to you very clearly, there are lots of scammers who build nets of lies and catch naive investors in their webs of trickery.

The Forex market is very popular with investors; no wonder scammers are hunting for big money here.

The problem is that many potential investors hear a lot about making money from Forex trading, but they know nothing about the specifics of this market. Therefore these people can be easily lured into a scam that looks like a Forex investment.

If you read this article, we guarantee that most Forex scams will not be able to fool you.

Forex Investment Scam Trick #1 - Send Me the Money

Never send your money directly to the Forex trader or to the Forex trading company; your money could "evaporate."

Be aware that it is possible for scammers to open a fake bank account, so even if they give you a bank account, do not be fooled! The chance of losing your money in this case is very high.

Solution: A Forex managed account service is a perfect option. You do not send money to traders. You open your trading account DIRECTLY with a reputable Forex broker. Money Manager Forex works with a top, reputable Forex brokerage company called MIG BANK, a company that has had global recognition for YEARS in this market.

When you open an account directly with Swiss BANK, you are the only person on the planet allowed to deposit or withdraw money from that account. It is YOUR account.

Our traders are able to perform trading operations with the money only under your limited power of attorney. They cannot withdraw this money and buy a yacht, a villa in Spain, or a fancy sports car.

You are the only and absolute owner of the account that you open with the world-renowned Forex broker, MIG BANK. You track absolutely everything yourself.

There are no intermediaries who can disappear. There is no risk that someone will take your money.

Note: Any professional Forex brokerage company, will check the identities of its traders. They do this better than the FBI or the CIA. That is why you can be sure that these traders are real people who do not have any chance to run away and disappear.

Forex Investment Scam Trick #2 - We Guarantee Profits

No one is allowed to guarantee profits on the Forex market; this is against the law.

The reason is obvious: Forex is a risky market. Even if someone has been making profits from Forex trading for sixty months in a row, there is no guarantee this trader will make profits the next month.

That is why, when you see any HYIP or other investment program which says "we guarantee X% monthly or Y% daily," you have found a scam! It is prohibited by law to promise any guaranteed profits from Forex trading.

Forex Investment Scam Trick #3 - Great Reviews

"I invested the money, because the program had great reviews" is a typical lament from a ripped-off investor.

Forex scammers are smart and have enough money to hire dozens of people who sit on Forex forums and brainwash naive people. They write fancy articles, they submit nice-looking videos to YouTube, they know their job... and their job is to make you believe. They're even running communities that are supposed to be unbiased, but, in reality, are only geared to making people believe in their fake programs.

Even if your best friend is recommending a HYIP, be very careful. Your friend can also be fooled by the realistic forums, reviews, articles, press releases and videos these companies produce.

Forex Investment Scam Trick #4 - They Paid at First

Most scammers will pay you in the beginning, because they have to feed the market and create a positive buzz. Before they start the scam, they'll have at least six months' money in reserve for payouts, but they will rip you off for a much larger amount of money in the end.

For them this "payment in the beginning" is like an investment, a necessity. For naive investors this is the bait. You would be surprised how many people get caught because of this despicable tactic.

Forex Investment Scam Trick #5 - They Showed Proof

Screenshots and images of charts, cheques, spreadsheets, account information, etc. can easily be faked. Anyone can use a program like Photoshop and draw anything they want. You can pay $50 to a Web designer and commission fake screenshots showing billions of USD in your account.

How are YOU Going to Prove
that Forex Money Manager
Is NOT a Scam?

Even the information we've provided here should not make you trust us. If you trust us because of these tips, then I'm afraid you've missed the point entirely.

There's just one thing you can trust in this world: a global reputation proven by many years of service.

With a Forex managed account from Money Manger Forex you will:

  • open an account directly with a top, reputable Forex broker in Swiss. Their reputation is much better than the reputation of most of the world governments and political leaders.

  • be assured of our traders' professional services. This Forex broker has checked our identity more thoroughly than the FBI or CIA could check it, so you can be assured that our traders are real people who cannot possibly disappear.

This does not guarantee you any profits. As we said, to guarantee any profits on this market is against the law. But this does guarantee that you will never say, "My money is gone and I have no idea where it went." Instead, you will have real people doing a real service for you.

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